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Soke Gerardo USHI Cantore:

10th Dan Graduated in Okinawa Japan

Hanshi in: Okinawa Karate Kobudo and in Aikijujitsu.

Internal student in temples and schools for 6 years in:

Japan, China, Laos, India, Nepal ,,,

Called by International magazines, such as:

Living Legend and The Buffalo of Karate.

Founder SHINSHINKAN, recognized school in Okinawa.

SHINSHINKAN: It has 2 entrance doors: SWKO and SKD


SWKO Shinshinkan World Karate Organization:

It is a World Organization, of Budo, to help, to Budokas of:

Karate, Aikijujitsu, and / or Kobudo, with rank recognition,

Examinations, seminars, permanent support, guide. In all fundamental, common, technical, and philosophical aspects of Budo,

with the guarantee, of the 10th Dan Okinawa, Soke Gerardo Cantore. Who personally, looks at each case, and personally signs each diploma,

In SWKO, you maintain your complete autonomy,

And you can add our support, teachings, and recognition,

You can have: Soke Gerardo Cantore:

As counselor of your Dojo, School, Association, or personal guide)


SKD: Shinshinkan Karate Do:

A combined synthesis of: Okinawa Kobudo Karate, Aikijujitsu and Meditation.

A Pure, Hard, Vertical School, a 21st Century Budo Family,

Literally: Strong bodies and minds with moral lives.

Universal, and non-competitive. The Karate of Gerardo Cantore.

It is not an easy school, but if you are looking for knowledge, above recognition, it is here,

Gerardo Cantore's Experience, school, systesis, dynamic program, strong bases, daily Facebook, chat,

He will not be alone, we are a very solid and united Budo family.

Welcome !!!


Note: when you type to enter SHINSHINKAN, in private chat, please start by telling us which of the two doors you want to enter.