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Okinawa Karate Kobudo , Aikijujitsu ,and Meditation in one System .

Shinshinkan is : Mind and Body Strong with Moral Life . Universal and Out from Competitions ( Body or talking )


Have differents school to differents persons, maybe , Shinshinkan Karate Do is for you or maybe not , please come to see and feel .

The master come when student is ready .

Shinshinkan Karate Do is private and independent .

The World Central is in the Mountain of the Patagonia Argentina ,

Is Strong , Complete, Budo Family of the 21 Century .

Have Students in Japan, Argentina, Rusia, Chile , Uruguay , Germany , Panama ,

No is simple school, is vertical Budo ,

No dependent of one culture , respect all cultures and all religions , all branch work inside hes local tradition cultural, no from others countries .

Dojos be place of harmony , no competitions inside , or groups, be one only family in the World .

The heart of Shinshinkan Karate Do is the Annual Summer Camp in January in Patagonia and the Annual Winter Seminar in July ,

every year with exams , and meet like one family .

The Founder is : Soke Gerardo Ushi Cantore .

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Born in Montevideo Uruguay 16 / 7 / 61 = 777
Begining training Karate and Aikijujitsu togethers in 1967 . 
Training in many Dojos of Uruguay and after go to Argentina. 
In Argentina Study with the Master of the Senseis of Uruguay . 
Study : Pilot Aviator , Philosophy University . Degree . 
To have hes personal experience , travel , with no money , to many countries in Latin america ( Paraguay , Peru , etc etc ) 
Ofcourse never stop training, lorn , and teach in some countries.

After go to Japan , There Training under the masters of the masters of Argentina .

Back little time to Argentina and in Neuquen City , founder the : Shinshinkan Dojo . Okinawa Karate Kobudo and Aikijujitsu .

After 5 years back to Asia, where live total time 6 year : Japan , China , Laos, Thai , Nepal , India , after Russia .

Live inside Schools and Temples , Study martial Arts and meditation . 
After he married , and come to live in Patagonia Argentina , under Piltriquitron Mountain , in the small town of mountain name : El Bolson .

Now he live there , receive students from many countries of the World to special classes and examination ,

He is today rank of Hanshi Judan Tenth Dan in : Okinawa Karate Kobudo and in Aikijujitsu and receive from the Gran Master of Okinawa : Tetsuhiro Hokama ,

diploma how 10th Dan Founder of Shinshinkan . family name SKD . 

Note :

To Budokas that want hes help in Budo, but no want enter to SKD , he found the SWKO Shinshinkan World Karate Organization ,

and from SWKO , he help Budokas in : Karate , Aikijujitsu ,and Kobudo , from all styles .

He examination , and help like Adviser to many Masters , Dojos, and Associations ...
If you have interesting in SKD or SWKO . please send one email to : Soke Gerardo Ushi Cantore  , 

and he in person send email to you !!! ,

you are very Welcome !!! 

Oss !!!

Photo : Soke Gerardo USHI Cantore 10th Dan Okinawa 
Founder of Shinshinkan Karate Do , President of SWKO

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The Founder of : 心身館 - SHINSHINKAN  is :


10th Dan in Okinawa Japan

( Hanshi in : Karate , Aikijujitsu , and Kobudo ) 
Diploma : IKO # 10 - 3 / Feb 14 - 2013 -

Under Tetsuhiro Hokama Dai Sensei 10th Dan - Signature and Stamp . 

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SKD and SWKO Diploma !!!

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Gerardo Cantore in Person , in chat ask with you every day !!!

CHAT With: The Founder Here : Gerardo Cantore

NOTE : Many facebook pages , about SHINSHINKAN , and GERARDO CANTORE , be full 

 email : 

Official facebook Group here : 

心身館空手道 : SHINSHINKAN KARATE DO - Official Page.



Shinshinkan BUDO CAMP 2018 January 11 to 14