Graduate en Okinawa Japan IKO # 10-3 ( Feb 14 - 2013 )

Judan - Hanshi - Menkyo Kaiden

Okinawa Karate Kobudo , Aikijujitsu and Meditation

Founder and President of SWKO ( Budo Open Organzation )

Soke of Shinshinkan Ryu  ( 心身館 ) in Okinawa (2019)

(Gran Masters : Tetsuhiro Hokama and Kosei Wakugawa )

Puede ser una imagen de Cantore Gerardo e interior

Soke Cantore was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He began practicing martial arts at the Kamakura Institute in Montevideo in 1967.

From 1967 to 1979 he practiced in almost all the Dojos of Montevideo

(They were all very young instructors and students)

He then he travels to Argentina to study.

(There he practices with the Teachers of the Instructors of Uruguay)

In the 1980s he went on an initiation trip to South America,
practicing karate,living among the local people in the way of the local people, thus developing a universal perspective.

Shoei Miyazato, Masatoshi Oshiro and others corrected and graduated him.

In the late 1980s he traveled to Okinawa, Japan, where he learned directly from teachers from teachers in Argentina.

Katsuya Miyahira, Angi Uezu and others corrected and graduated.

In the 90's he lives in Argentina, where he founded the Shinshinkan dojo in 1993 and taught for 4 years.

He returned to Asia in the late 90s, lived there during the 90s, as uchi dechi (internal student)

Japan, China, Laos, Nepal, India, Russia, for 6 years as

practitioner of martial arts and as a Buddhist monk (returning for brief periods to Argentina)

His fame was quick after some videos that asked him to record in Europe and the United States,

Budo International Magazine and Yamazato Productions became known around the world,
with interviews in 14 languages ​​for his particular vision of teaching and thinking,

a teaching of quick results with a hard psychopedagogy and a universal thought of the Budo of the XXI century.

He is called "The Karate Buffalo" in international magazines and books. and also call it "Living Legend".

In 2004 he settled in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina,
from where he travels periodically to visit students,today in the 5 continents,
while simultaneously receiving international and national students in Patagonia,
students from his school or associated with the organization.since he handles both aspects simultaneously.

In 2013, Grandmaster Tetsuhiro Hokama from Okinawa, Japan

(Who is honored by the Okinawan government for his career Tenth Dan and Dr.)

Presents Gerardo Cantore the Tenth Dan of Judan Hanshi in

Okinawa Karate Kobudo for his work and development in Shinshinkan,
granting him the menkyo kaiden certification, a title that was confirmed in 2019 by Master Hokama's advisor,

and many other Okinawan masters. The Grand Master Kosei Wakugawa Tenth Dan born in 1926 in Okinawa,
who also gives him the title of: Shinshinkan Ryu - 10th Dan - Cantore Gerardo Soke.

This high qualification (considering the place awarded by UNESCO to Okinawa Karate),is equivalent to a Ph.D.
Doctorate in Educational Karate (Philosophical -Non Sports


25 de Mayo St. 3255 - El Bolson - Rio Negro - Patagonia - Argentina (8430)
WhatsApp/Telegram : +54(9)2944912580